Friday, 15 June 2012

We live for the FAME

Lady Gaga is due to release her very own range of perfumes with the first fragrance (Fame) being launched later this year. The multi million pound song artist stands out from the crowd and her first perfume is set to do exactly the same. The fragrance will be a black liquid. Although this sounds endearing and exciting I have the tendency to spray perfume directly onto my clothes before stepping out of the door and would not be happy if it left a black water mark behind. Worry not though, as the liquid used in Fame is black to clear and becomes invisible once airborne.

The design of the fragrance is a "push-pull technology" which means that the ingredients interact together to highlight different aromas. This particular perfume by Lady Gaga will contain a fusion of honey, saffron, apricot, tiger orchid and jasmine. ( I already cant wait to try it)

Lady Gaga also wants to launch her own unique clothing range next year, which i am sure will be as phenomenal and fascinating as the singer herself.

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