Monday, 18 June 2012

Holiday Must Have's

Ok, so it's holiday season ! And thank goodness for that as this weather is starting to bore me !

Here is a list of 5 must have items when you are travelling abroad:

1. Sunscreen
2. A Clear lipgloss
3. A Light Bronzer
4. Simple Hydrating Cream
5. Hairband

1. I always come out in a rash when I stay out in the sun for more than 10 minutes on holiday which does nothing for my confidence as I tend to hide under a wet t-shirt to help keep my body cool, but I found that having a gel sunscreen that contains aloe vera does not irritate my skin and helps keep the rash down. If any of you out there have the same problem, I suggest you find a sunscreen that has an SPF 15-30, that way we can make our sun kissed body look gorgeous and healthy at the same time !

2. Having a clear lipgloss at hand means that you can squeeze it onto your lips before you jet off to the beach. I don't agree with wearing a full face of makeup when you are visiting the pool or beach, but having a clear lipgloss will keep them looking healthy and shiny without it looking obvious that you have something on them.

3. Taking a light bronzer with you is great for the days that you are popping out to do a bit of site seeing or shopping. This gives your face a healthy glow without looking too made up. But of course, having this along with mascara and a darker shade of lipgloss will make the perfect look for that evening under the stars.

4. I find that using Simple's Hydrating cream instead of an aftersun lotion works better on my skin. It is light and dries fast and always seems to keep my skin tanned for longer. You can sometimes find this brand in Asda for just £2.00.

5. Even though my hair is short, I still take a hairband on holiday with me. One, because it dolls up a plain bikini on the beach and two, because it's practical for when it's too hot and you need to keep your hair off of your face. Here is a collection of hairbands I tend to wear alot.

Of course there are other important items to take with you on holiday, such as underwear, 7 day outfits, 7 night outfits, 3-5 bikinis, 3 pairs of heels, 3 pairs of flip flops, mascara, nail polish, blusher, fake lashes, jewellery, straighteners, sunglasses....(Wow, I think i need another seat on the plane)

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