Friday, 3 August 2012

Wish List #1

Wish List

There is so much out there that I want at the moment, but these are a few of the things that have stuck in my mind during the last few weeks. 

1. Daisy Dress - Bank Fashion - £40.00 - I found this dress a few weeks ago. It is so pretty. The daisies on the top half of the dress are all made out of sequins and when we had sun, you could see them glistening. Its the perfect summer dress for me !

2. Glide on Eyeshadow - Instant Eyes - £1.99 (pack of 6) - I love the idea of stick on eyeshadow and eyeliner and this looks like a great shop to get them from. Most colours are sold out, which is great for the company but not so good for us ! I am not that good at applying eyeshadow when using more than one colour so this is the perfect way to create a smouldering eye !

3. Human Hair Eyelashes - Lash Boutique - from £6.49 - I am really interested in finding false eyelashes that are made out of mink or human hair. In my opinion, they seem to look more real than any other lashes out there. Unfortunately, the website does not show the full range of lashes but I am sure if we contacted Lash Boutique on Twitter they could help us out.

4. American Dream Print Tshirt - FunkyDivaa - £7.99 - I love this site. Unfortunately, i never have the spare cash to buy anything from them, but they have some really cool Tshirts. I am not sure if they really cater for my size (UK 6) but i am tempted to buy their items anyway as I love so many of their designs. 

5. The Daisy Multipack Lip Tattoos - Violent Lips - $14.95 (pack of 3) - How cool are these lip tattoos?? I am not sure where I could wear these (not sure my workplace would approve) but I love so many of the designs. They seem slightly expensive to me so if you know of any other company that sells them for less, please let me know.

6. Flip Flops - New Look - £9.00 (sale item) - I found these in New Look on Wednesday and fell in love with them straight away. They did not have my size in the shop and didnt have my size online when i checked either. Hopefully I will find them again soon. They have sparkly beads all over them. So Pretty !


  1. Gorgeous collection of item. I love anything sparkly. Happy Monday to you! Xx

  2. The dress is my favourite ! Happy Monday to you too x

  3. Some awesome bits! That daisy dress is so cute! The instant eyeshadow- I've never seen or heard of anything like it, I'd be super intrigued to try this as I never can get blending and colour placement right! And I have never tried lip tattoos but I'm the kind of person who'd definitely wear one on a night out just for the WOW factor! xx

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  4. Wow, that dress is gorgeous!!


  5. I love that the dress has sequins, everybody needs to sparkle.

  6. that dress is really pretty :) xx