Sunday, 19 August 2012

Milk Shake Essex - The milk shake for your hair

I recently attended the launch party for LJ Couture where, on arrival, were given goodie bags full of lovely items. Some of the products inside were from Milk Shake Essex. (You can find more about this brand here)

I thought I would write a short diary entry on how I thought these products worked for me:

Milk Shake colour maintainer shampoo - £11.99

Day 1. 
The smell of this product is soooo scrumptious ! I feel like it has been given to me to eat rather than to wash with. It has a strong creamy smell and is white/clear in colour. It reminds me of a strawberry cream milk shake. The texture is light and very runny although once on my hair it lathered up alot which was good. I did feel as though it needed a second wash but as I was only given a sample of this product, I could not wash my hair twice.

Milk Shake colour maintainer conditioner - £12.99

Day 1
The conditioner smells the exact same way as the shampoo but it is thicker and is pink in colour. After washing the conditioner out, my hair feels very smooth. Due to a hairdressing competition, I recently had my hair stripped back to its original colour and then re-dyed so I have been looking for a product to help my hair out, and this seems to be working so far.

Day 2
My hair still feels soft and I can still smell the gorgeous creamy scents.

Milk Shake active yoghurt mask - £14.29

I was so excited to use these products that after washing my hair, I just had to use the hair mask by Milk Shake Essex too. The mask is white in colour, very thick and has a stronger, less sweet smell to it. It stuck to my hair instantly. I quickly ran my fingers through my hair to make sure that I had reached all sections of my head and waited 3-5 minutes before washing it off. My hair smelt so good ! I did not feel an immediate affect after rinsing the mask off, so I am not sure if I would purchase the full product, but I will be investing in the shampoo and conditioner in the future, especially if it helps to hydrate and protect coloured hair.

Unfortunately I did not take any photos of what the products looked like when opened as I used everything up when washing my hair, but hopefully my descriptions will give you a clear picture of each product.

If you would like to purchase any of these products, or see the full range please click on the below link:


  1. Oh, I've had the Milk Shake treatments demoed to me before and you're right, they do smell amazing! Not actually tried them yet, but I really fancy that yoghurt mask, might need to treat myself!

  2. I had a can of the Milkshake Mousse once, my mother had it from doing her hair dressing work but I stole it because it smelt AMAZING! It ran out and I never got around to buying another one. It did wonders for my hair.. I need to get more!