Friday, 22 June 2012

BBLOGGERS UNITE: Red Carpet Makeup Challenge

Red carpet does not necessarily mean red lips. You can create just as much of a dramatic look when pairing nude lips with a smoky eye, which is exactly what I did to create my red carpet look:

(I am sorry for not smiling but I have the biggest dimples ever and i am not that fond of them. I'm normally a happy/smiley person though)

I took my inspiration from Beyonce. Although I am not the same skin tone as Beyonce, I still think that this look works great on anybody.

Here is what I used to create a smoky eye:

Loreal Black Eye Liner Pencil
Maybeline Volume Black Mascara
George Black Eyeshadow
Smashbox Eye Precision Brush

Here is what I used to create a nude lip:

Smashbox Pink Lipgloss (Although the photo of this lipgloss looks very pink, it actually comes out quite clear which helps enhance your actual lip colour)

If you want to enter the Red Carpet Makeup Challenge too, just click here.
(Competition ends 25/06/12 at 4pm)


  1. Love this look - classic but edgy


    1. Thank you ! Feel free to vote for me this week on the BBlogger Unite's Facebook page xx

  2. Fantastic look, the eyes are especially stunning x

  3. Thanks Holly ! My eyelashes were slightly stuck together though !!! xxx